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clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water system. we've budget working on power generation in the country. we've been doing sewer for the city. we're looking at a brand-new rebuild of all watt systems in san francisco and we haven't had a home that's been other than mental. >> they staff over 900 people. the puc is in two office locations. >> you know, this is such a great place for a building. if the puc owned that building and we could make that the icon i can sustainable building puc represents, wouldn't be a dramatic idea? >> so, one of the major decisions we made was we wanted to make a statement with this building. we wanted this building to be a lead platinum building which is very few build
nichols. then a debate on fracking. >> energy self-sufficient and can ensure -- >> coming from an area that is tougher from the legacy of industrial pollution, there are all saying, dear governor cuomo, we need you to make sure this is an adequate, comprehensive, and it must be completed before any other step in the process moves forward. >> as new york weighs whether to lift a moratorium on fracking, we will host a debate. all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the u.s. congress opened its 113th session thursday, swearing in a record number of women and people of color. new members include the only african-american now serving in the senate, tim scott of south carolina, the first black republican senator in more than 30 years. congress now has a record number of women in both chambers, 81 in the house and 20 in the senate. the house narrowly reelected john boehner as house speaker despite criticism from party conservatives over his handling of the so-called fiscal cliff. the new congress faces another loomin
there is no mention of clean power and how we have no currently and relying completely i will say hard energy sources and fossil fuels and that sort of thing, and even in my own personal campaign there was a hit piece that came out about how i was in bed with shell oil and nigeria and active vifts there and we know that is true and disappearing and what not and i don't think we should under estimate the type of political quagmire that this program will find itself in and the attacks are unwarranted and misinforming and certainly i'm not suggesting they're all coming from pg&e, but certainly there is a motivation to maintain the monopoly they have held in the city around providing energy, so with that being said i just wanted to close my comments and i am glad next week i think we're at lafco hearing the task force recommendations. that is critical and sometimes we pass the policies and our actions never conform with the policies that we pass, so if we're serious about reaching that goal in 10 years i think we really need to get serious and that's why cleanpower sf is so important, but in closing i wa
are gathered here in the heart of our city, beneath a symbol of energy and life and hope for the world. you have decorated it with peace cranes and light. wishes and dreams, and most importantly your energy. and now, on behalf of the sisters of perpetual indulgence inc, we gather this energy and strength that we may send it to the nuns above and to give it to any and all that needs its strength. to release the energy of hope that this magnificent tree represents i will ask each and every one of you if you please every time you hear me say we say... you will evoke the words of harvey milk by saying as one group you got to give them hope. now please raise your hands towards the tree of hope and we say you got to give them hope. for all lgbtq young people struggling with bullies and intolerance, we say that you got to give them hope for all transgendered people fighting to live with dignity and respect. we say you got to give them hope. for all of those who seek to protect the rights of lgbtq people across the world, we say you got to give them hope. for our sick and elderly in need of a will
're going to reach these goals of 100% renewable energy in that time frame. >> right. >> and certainly that's why i had some concerns around making sure that the values of the cleanpower sf program are ones that are always emphasized because again this is a conversation that has been in this country really since -- for a long time, but certainly in the 70's it took on a greater level of discussion, but then the conversation sort of didn't go anywhere. i think it was jimmy carter was the person person to put solar energy panels on the roof, and then i mentioned a couple of times someone named emory lovins who wrote a book "soft energy path" and took on the issues of fossil fuels and coal and sustainable wind and solar and other sources and just 30 years later we're still -- >> still plugging away. >> still at the beginning of the conversation, so for years i guess san franciscans really haven't had an opt in -- certainly not an opt out choice, and so sometimes we talk too much about opt in i get a little nervous, so anyway i thed to thank you. >> you're welcome. >> before going to public co
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who ran mid-american energy and was a potential successor to warren buffett. the securities and exchange commission deciding not to pursue enforcement action against four alleged insider-trading involving a company that he bought shares in that warren buffett eventually bought. they made a lot of money. i have reaction on fox business here coming of. and at one point called ashkhabad $30 an ounce. the after market it has pulled back just a bit, but let's get right to the floor. traders at the new york stock exchange, cme, and nymex. you're looking at technicals. 1465 for the s&p 500, but we have some pretty strong days. not all successively, but what do you make of this? >> is still looks like indices can push a little higher in the short term. my levels of between 1475 and 85. the dow has the potential to get to 13 does a 600 right up near its september highs. it's funny. if you look, nine of the ten sectors right now are actually i knew nine or higher week highs. the highest total since october. four of the ten major sectors at new yearly highs. financials, industrials, co
by the department of energy and i support thuous us chief technology officer todd park who is not the cto, but assistant to the president. >> and i'm peter hirschberg, run publicly a dozen hack-a-thon, [speaker not understood], build apps and explore what's possible. >> i'm chris, the co-founder and ceo of 100-plus and we use data from many different sources to try to help people be more healthy in their daily life. >> hi. [speaker not understood]. we're a mapping and location-based analytics platform. and we are working with open data and trying to see how we can turn data into information, data into knowledge, and the kind of decision products. >> hi, i'm john, ceo of motion loft. we're trying to understand how people move around cities and provide that data to the public to build new tools for public safety. >> hi, i'm [speaker not understood] with code for america. we're a peace core for geeks. we're trying to bring talent from the private second for and government to innovate. we work with dozens of citieses across the country and next year we should be working with san francisco whi
francisco we're meeting a program that meets the needs of the city, not just around clean energy but employment and if we're successful in this program, and especially to the build out of the program that can happen when we have revenue coming in and many jobs can come with the build out and i am excited about that. there are neighbors in san francisco that are greatly impacted by unemployment, greatly impacted by marginalization and racism and inability to access the job market and this can lead the way that we have a strong implementation of programs and services to support communities that are in need of opportunity, so i'm very xietded about how we can move forward with this program, and i will actually cede the mic to the president of the commission. any opening remarks about today's -- >> i can't add more to that articulate overview and i support it and thank you to the commissioners that preceded me and the staff and the now general manager as well for their contributions during that process. thank you mr. chairman. >> thank you. today we will be discussing the custome
, export economy? the u.s. has become one of the world's largest energy producers, but while natural gas production has increased, it's been largely ignored as a domestic fuel. but could exporting it help fill up your tank? cramer talks with cheniere energy's ceo next. and later, smooth operator? spam maker hormel foods put another consumer brand on its plate today after it forked over $74 million to buy skippy peanut butter. could this layer another level of success to this story or will investors have an allergy? don't miss the ceo, all coming up on "mad money." >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to madmoney.cnbc.com. >>> it's one of the great economic tragedies of our time. we have all this incredibly cheap, clean and abundant natural gas in this country yet it seems like nobody here wants to use the stuff. as long as it sells for less than 4 bucks per thousand cubic feet, nobody wants to drill for it. it's currently selling for $3 a
, and that's for -- that's reflective for the cost difference between providing a renewable energy credit versus firmed and shaped renewable power, so it's the product difference that is embedded in that price difference which goes to commissioner olague's statement that people need to understand the value behind what the price premium is addressing. >> and credit that pg&e can purchase rather than generate the clean power themselves . correct. >> correct. >> and we limit that component to 5% of the overall portfolio. >> thank you. commissioner moran any other? >> no. >> commissioner vietor. >> yes, i had a follow up with that. with the code of kukd and the script and how we talk about the cleanpower sf and the pg&e offering and i don't know if that is sort of -- you talked about that internally i imagine but i think that would be a very important part of the roll out plan and the outreach plan is when that pg&e offering does come online how it will be talked about to the tar communities and the other groups that we will bring in down the road and i wanted to highlight that. i think th
was working in the world of energy and there i think we have taken enormous steps in the direction of a modern sustainable green economy, what we call now distributed generations of people producing and consuming energy. this is happening at an incredible pace in california and i know california like this is and we want to connect with california. some of the events will require the supports of the leaders that are here present, the leaders of the italian american associations. i am very proud to say that all of the leaders of the italian american associations are gathered today, mr. mayor, and senator assembly man and board of supervisors is here to celebrate with us and ramona blackwell who with the committee of the italians abroad and elected body and we will need your support and it's not just top down but bottom up. we're are open to your ideas and suggestions. we want it to a great celebration and people are in charge and in power and they will also run the show. that's our objective. by the way also have guests from outside california and salt lake city -- i don't know where he
't capture just the energy from the ocean and very cool. alright well julie and i are being lured down to marshall beach. we're on the batteries to bluff trail and just what a great day. kind of nailed the weather out here. enjoyed a little hike, some history viewing and some hanging out in the presidio. it's pretty neat. but getting out here on the coast on a beautiful day like this you just get lured down to the beach. hikes like this from the presidio down to marshall beach are what make the outdoor travel options in san fransisco so great. yes you've got the tourist hot spots like pier 39 and alcatraz but getting lost in the real fabric of an area like this is only possible by getting away from the crowds and popular tourist traps. i know. there's nobody down here. we have marshall beach all to ourselves on this perfect day and i don't know if this is normal or not. back on top of the cliffs and close to the narrow opening to san fransisco bay are remnants of the original batteries built to protect the city from attack by sea. near the san fransisco side of the golden gate bridge t
happen you can get it done and i just want to thank you guys for all your energy and excitement you bring to san francisco and for the giants day in and day out. you all are the best. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> well, -- audience: romo, romo. >> well, first off congratulations san francisco. we definitely couldn't have done it without you guys. i will venture to say -- there is one thing i noticed about my team we are a great example of this city. look at the diversity of personalities, where we all come from, the different faces from different stories and we all have one goal in mine. we had one job in mine. we had one dream in mine and that is to be world series champions with this group and i am proud to say that. you guys the same thing. we couldn't have done it without you, the city of san francisco. like i said you guys better be proud. you need to be proud and i will tell you for dang sure we are all world series champions and wearing orange and black in san francisco. [cheers and applause] >> all right. now i would like to introduce two more gentlemen. the firs
maryland, a little bit of cloud cover. not a big deal. a little bit of energy brewing and causing precipitation. we will see some energy push our way late on saturday and into early sunday. ok, first of all, i am not expecting much. but sunday morning pre-dawn cannot rule out a brief flurry or two. not causing traffic problems, but something to talk about. tomorrow morning is going to be another chilly start to the day. 20s early saturday morning. by sunday, kind of a mixture of sunshine and clouds, with predawn of flurries possible. again, something to talk about here conversational piece in this quiet weather pattern. there is, fedex field. south thewest reset five to 10. it is football weather. should be rain wednesday or thursday of next week. somewhere within that timeframe. >> i am going to consider you an expert on this subject. with that good weather that adam just mentioned, is hard for france to hold in that team spirit -- is hard for fans hold in that team spirit. >> ♪ hail to the redskins fight for all pcd.c. ♪ >> teachers at almont middle school in leesburg showin
a really strong week. i mean, everybody is using specialulativees, very upbeat, positive energy. the markets are hitting new highs in a long time, dow, s & p, nasdaq, as w'ree reporting up 4%, 5%. so it's a nice start but we have to see what's going to happen the next couple of weeks with earnings coming out, but so far, so good for 2013. >> tom: absolutely, very early on the january barometer looks to be very poozative for folks. how goes january gets the rest of the year is how the barometer holds. stocks failed to get much of a push from the jobs report but prices continued trendinb higher. the s&p 500 stumbled right out of the gate today but found its footing mid-morning.ng prices marked time before taking another ste ihierghn the last hour of trading, finishing up a half percent. ert the gain was enough to have the index close at a post- recession high,hi fs aisive a year high for the s&p 500. trading eoliveumased a bit from eesterday's pace on the big board, 650 million shares. it remained steady at 1.7 billion on theasq.daq. nine of the ten major stock sectors registered
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things. because we said justice for all, the rule of law for all, right of peaceful nuclear energy for all. >> do you want -- do you want -- mr. president -- >> translator: allow me, sir. allow me please. >> the question wasn't any of that. the question was do you believe that israel -- >> translator: i will get to that answer. don't be in a hurry. >> should israel be wiped off the face of the map. is that your desire? >> translator: if a group comes and occupies the united states of america, destroys homes when women and children are in those homes, incarcerate the youth of america, impose five different wars on many neighbors and always threaten others, what would you do? what would you say? would you help it? would you help that entity or would you help the people of the united states? so when we say -- when we say to be wiped, we say for occupation to be wiped off from this world, for war seeking to be wiped off ander rad indicated, the killing of women and children to beer rad indicated and we proposed the way, we proposed the path. >> what they're really saying is, in spite o
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the heat energy charges the battery. no plugs. it's just a conventional vehicle. you'll start out launching it and all electric motors. when you turn the car on it doesn't make a noise. then it'll go as you get up to i think it's around 40 or 45 miles an hour it'll go then to traditional gas mileage. i can't believe how quiet the engine is when you start this car up. it drives nice. it drives just like a regular car. but there are other types of hybrids on the market that you can plug in to charge. you get a bigger battery, more powerful battery, you have more of the driving is on electric ev mode. the only thing i knew about the hybrid car was that it was going to save me money on gas. that it was going to give me more bang for the buck. and it has done that and much more than i ever expected. and then there's the full electric car. there's no gas it's all a huge battery that's charged when plugged in the wall and zero emissions. there's limitations obviously when you get to that level vehicle as far as how many miles you can drive on a charge. with most electric vehicles you'll get about
seemed to really gain energy from the things that were directed at them. john: you did not mind being paid. >> i think he loved it. i think he loved being hated as much as 11 people agreeing with him. he left the back and forth the idea so much that he drew energy from it whether or not someone agree with them are not. i think he definitely gained energy. john: and he thrived by reporting things that the mainstream media was just skipping and the biggest example is the acorn story. you were part of the beginning. do-gooders', helping poor people. it turned out they were sleazy and maybe engaging in voter fraud. then came this pen pen prostitute. utility. >> speaking with james o'keefe about a video he had done. and at a maura flynn at the end of the conversation i asked him, so, what are you working on now. he began to describe the acorn videos that he and anna were working on. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. i thought, well, is this kid has what he says he has this is huge i asked him what his plan was for releasing these videos, and he said, he had approached the networks and
seemed to really gain energy from the things th were directed at them. john: you did not mind being paid. >> i think he loved it. i think he loved being hated as much as 11 people agreeing with him. he left the back and forth the idea so much that he drew energy from it whether or not someone agree with them are not. i think he definitely gained energy. john: and he thrived by reporting things that the mainstream media was just skipping and the biggest example is the acorn story. you were part of the beginning. do-gooders', helping poor people. it turned out they were sleazy and maybe engaging in voter fraud. then came this pen pen prostitute. utility. >> speaking with james o'keefe about a video he had done. and at a maura flynn at the end of the conversation i asked him, so, what are you working on now. he began to describe the acorn videos that he and anna were working on. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. i thought, well, is this kid has what he says he has this is huge i asked him what his plan was for releasing these videos, and he said, he had approached the networks and rele
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america energy independence. >> if you're one of the millions of people that resolved to shed some weight, yoga might be a good route. as benjamin explains, not all forms of the ancient exercise are about relaxation explore the world of extreme yoga. the body is pushed to the very lebed. >> pull the toes back, you are bellyaching. >> the search for something like transcendence. it is all about the heat. they decided he was going to make the conditions of heat. >> when it came to the united states, he he started escalating. temperatures of 105 and 110 degrees which changes the way it is practiced and makes it much more of an endurance contest. >> i started because i went through a break up and i let myself fat and up. i decided, let's try this out. about 64, i think. yelling at his students, i do the nine week trading. i left my job, my girlfriend, my life to practice yoga in a decrepit hotel for $11,000, thinking to myself, this had better be worth it. it is an intense chance to indulge your vet to its extreme and we practice from the moment we woke up at night to midnight. it absolutely
, technology, engineering and energy, that we educate and prepare our young people for the opportunities of tomorrow, and when we "make it in america" all of america's families can make it in america. [applause] the strength of our democracy also demands that we restore the confidence of the american people in our political process. we must empower the voters, we must remove obstacles of participation in our democracy for all americans. we must increase the level of civility and reduce the role of money in our elections. when we do, when we do we will elect more women, more minorities, more young people to public office and that's a good thing. the american people are what make our country great. by and large the united states is a nation of immigrants -- built, enriched, and strengthened by men, women, and children who share our patriotism and seek the american dream. the strength of our democracy will be advanced by bold action for comprehensive immigration reform. today, we take an oath to protect and defend our constitution, our people, and our freedom. to protect and defend -- that
, depriving our economy of talented people with the energy and skills needed to drive innovation. we need to renew our tradition of attracting new citizens to our state, and we need to help our young people stay here, raise their own families here, and remain part of the future of new hampshire. [applause] cut in state support for public education in half while lowering the tobacco tax two years ago was shortsighted. [applause] it hurt our young people and, if not quickly addressed, will impair our future economic prosperity. we must begin to reverse course. in exchange, the university system, working with us, needs to increase the number of new hampshire students admitted to our state colleges and universities and freeze in state tuition. [applause] we must also recognize that not every student chooses the same path, and that our community college system has developed innovative, nimble and cutting-edge programs to educate our citizens. we must continue to support their efforts to build the strong workforce that our citizens need. [applause] i have always believed strongly in the power a
of these on the ground realities. it is a global market. drugs are a global market. just like energy, if the united states gets oil from venezuela and its oil from canada and mexico, these are global markets. the united states may get some cocaine from colombia or peru, but bolivian cocaine is moving to west africa and europe. the traffickers will find where the cocaine is demanded and they will get it. it does not matter where it is coming from. we have to address both sides of the equation. >> this is a unique situation inside bolivia. is this a model that can be exported or is this an blip on the radar? >> look for elements of the model that worked in bolivia. see how they could map in different countries. colombia and peru have much more serious security issues. that means that if there is going to be a social control model, there needs to be a better level of security provided by government. in major cocoa growing zones like colombia, the government is absent. the people in control are criminals, former paramilitary, or drug traffickers. the people are at their mercy. imagine you are going to
, russell wilson it is in seattle. >> he brings energy to a great game. >> his roots deep in the area, growing up in richmond, spending many summers in d.c. with his uncle ben and his family. >> my dad helped change my life. i was excited to be able to go home to him and tell him i was drafted in professional baseball. the toughest part was he died that night. >> it is inspiring to see him overcome obstacles, to see him succeed. russell wilson is a young man who has always persevered under special circumstances. >> sunday, hhis uncle will be at fedex, wearing his no. 3 seattle seahawks jersey, saying what will be a tremendous game between two of his favorite teams, but cheering for his favorite quarterback. >> it has been a great year for rgiii and the redskins. tonight, we will chronicled the amazing year, right here on abc 7. >> general motors is recalling more than 50,000 vehicles. there are concerns some of the vehicles could roll away while and park. >> and we will check with the weather. >> a former wizard will hit the court at verizon tonight. sports is coming up. >> general mo
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hate it when you say that. but look, bonds offer very little value. i use lindco and lind energy as an example. versus some of the real estate investment trusts. medical and health care. there's a lot of bond alternatives. you don't have to be stopped. >> even a dividend yielder like j & j. >> j & j is so undervalued. stock up 7% to 8% last year? with a stroke of a pen they could get that stock to 80, just by breaking it up. put together by someone who, frankly, i know is revered, weldon. there's no reference here for it. >> what is the ten-year -- what is the yield on the ten-year have to get to before we decide that the great rotation is in the midst of happening from bonds to stocks? >> i would have told you when a dividend -- >> now? >> when we thought the tax was going to go to 40%, i would have said, you know, it goes up a half a percent, that's fine. but look, dividends were preserved. we never talk about how big that was, the dividend -- >> enormous. >> it's led to a lot of buying in the last few days. people said, oh, i've got to sell those stocks. even the worst ones ha
pressure is holding on right now deflecting the energy from the storm to the north. it is getting over run by the high clouds so that will make it interesting. here is a look at the rain, it is coming in tomorrow afternoon. it will be light-to-moderate at times and you can see the yellow over san francisco at 3:00 and taper in the evening. we get a break overnight and sunday morning, around 11 clock, it starts to move in to the north bay, light-to-moderate and the storm system sweeps from north to south across the bay area and it will take longer than the first one tomorrow. rainfall amounts are quarter to three quarters in the east bay and up to an inch in the mountains. monday and tuesday, it is dry again, and a slight chance of rain on wednesday, and thursday is dry again with temperatures in the 50's all seven days. have a great weekend. >> we have delays out of central valley train three running ten minutes behind schedule. bart delays will be cleared up shortly, with early police activity but it is cleared and gone. it will be five or ten-minute delays in fremont and richmond and mil
for this weekend's big game. he is willing to pay for hotel rooms for students. >> it is all energy. >> and the arena would not be good. since the dorms don't open until sunday, the coach is offering to pay $100 for a hotel room for any student who can't get into their dorm rooms. he said it is part of his strategy to win on saturday night. >> team energy is at a very high level right now. the only way that it can really increase outside of what we're doing is to have external factors on you are on side, elevated. the easiest way, that's why you have home games. you have these home games. we worked really hard to get all these home games. we have 19 home games on our schedule. we need to take advantage of it. >> the deal is on the table. the game is saturday night. santa clara hosts gonzaga. we're back in a moment. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den
're at a time in your life where you have an enormous amount of creative energy, and there's no way to express it. that's why a lot of people get into drinking or drugs or whatever. ben and i talked about trying to channel it somewhere, and the script was a good way to do that, because it kept us focused and it captured that creative energy which otherwise would have just been frittered away in some other way. so in one sense it was about control then. now if there's an idea i think is really good and i feel like i can write it, then i'll do it. but i don't know that that's about control, necessarily. tavis: i don't know how to frame this question, but i'm going to ask it and you'll do justice to it, i'm certain. given that you started out as a writer, to your point, because you couldn't get hired at first, what kind of freedom, liberty, i'm trying to find the right word here, has the writing, knowing that you can write, knowing that you can write really good stuff, knowing that the good stuff you write can be made, so that you're not ever stuck in this actor's lane, if i can use that -- you s
're seeking not just an energy, but across the government to engage entrepreneurs and innovators across all the different sectors. for those of you familiar with the history of the health data initiative launched by then the hhs health and human services chief technology officer todd park, we sought to have a health data palooza proceeded by health data jambs or modeling sessions, jams sounded more fun, we can invite entrepreneurs in and see what can be done and created real products within a few months. that is being rolled out at education, energy, treasury, u.s. aid, other agencies as well. these programs are celebrating the use of open data and hopefully will provide some additional support. i think there are even folks here who have been part of these events. we're excited for that continued support and hope you can all join this initiative in the neutral. -- future. >> so, earlier you were talking a little about kind of how san francisco came in in terms of actually ading the officer. more broadly how do you think san francisco compares and what are some of the other cities that are d
and energy, not only for this year but the next three to five years out. i think financial services deserves also a close look as well with many healthy financial services companies and, of course, what they have done to de-leverage. would i say those three areas before i would look at and focus on with high marks towards energy and some telecom as well. information technology. >> all right, jeff? >> yeah. we like large-cap stocks and in particular we like technology materials and energy. in particular we're actually adding to international markets. we think the valuation is more attractive than the u.s. markets so we think europe is another place we can put money to work. >> gordon, do you see any areas not participating that are warning signs to you or that are opportunities where you can still get in at this point? >> well, one of the things that i've been looking for is a question of whether this whole business of austerity and cutting back is going to have such a detrimental effect that you won't see growth in things like materials and infrastructure overall. i haven't seen that so i th
is short lived. >>> if you're taking steps to make your home more energy efficient, you're not alone. in tonight's health alert how steps to save on energy costs can actually make indoor allergies worse for the family, especially in the winter. between remodeling older houses and building new ones it's estimated millions more homes in the united states will become more eco friendly over the next four years, but in our efforts to save money and protect the environment we've created a few unintended consequences. >> for every solution there's a problem. so energy efficiency is really, really important. at the same time what's staying in the house is staying in the house. >> reporter: dr. nathan robinovicz says asthma rate in the u.s. have nearly tripled since 1970, a problem he believes begins at home. the doctor recruited students to carry air monitors several weeks at home and to and from school. after analyzing the quality of the air they were exposed to 24 hours a day, the worst is where you may least expect it. >> the amount of pollution that they were being exposed to was higher
in the cold two months after an energy audit that may have saved her life. we'll be right back. >>> a new campaign hit the streets of san francisco aiming to redefine the meaning of the word jihad. these ads have been plastered on muni buses as part of the counsel of callede6uu my jihad project. the council wants to reclaim the word from terrorists and want the word to show a different meaning. a constant struggle to improve. ads part of a nationwide effort to fight discrimination towards museum autos a -- muslims. >>+z a g.o.p. assemblyman borrowed an idea from republican governors in texas and florida a degree would be available to stid students and the bill targets chico, long beach and turlock for a pilot program. cost of going to college is $30,000 now and many california campuses. >> listen to this. 49ers revealed there are a limited number of tickets available for next saturday's playoff game at candle stick. now, 49ers will sell tickets on ticket master and can buy tickets from other fans via ticket exchange. >> pretty exciting. >> yes. it is. >> well, we have a rare sighting in
of 2014. in san francisco, sharon chin, cbs 5. >>> 30 fights, 31 citations and countless energy drink and cocktails later, the party is over. >> nobody wants to be in business and have a fight with the city all the time. >> the long bumpy road that brought last call and the owners parting shots at the walnut creek establishment. >>> on the mound he brings an unmistakable fiery identity. the ugly incident that unfolded at the security check point when sergio romo couldn't produce the proper i.d. >>> he showed up alone out of the blue, but the latest visitor is getting a warm welcome and a name. ,,,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. ip never got muc >>> well the owner says he is just trying to run a nightclub as police call it a magnet for crime. the relationship never got much further than that. tonight the vice ultra lounge is closed for good. cbs 5 reporter with
-term target- > > it's going lower though. > > is $24. exploration is where it's at. we need more energy because the world is expanding, and so is the economic base. > > solar. solar. > round 3) real? estate - a new york property recently sold for $88 million. is the housing crisis over? would you pick a stock in the housing sector, or is it done? > > my stock is home depot. i don't really like retail, the bricks-and-mortars, but you look at something like home depot, that is the only place that i can't go on amazon prime and actually buy something. i actually have to go to the store, i have to measure, i have to decide what i want at the retail store, so i like home depot. with sandy as well, i think a lot of people are going to be purchasing stuff for their homes. > > toll brothers and home builders are a bit overdone. we saw that stock go up 50%. but the ceo says that he is looking for home prices to go up 20% in 2013, and 25% in 2014. > > maybe in manhattan. > > so there is a lot of potential. i think the back- door way is to go through wells fargo. i think the mortgage crisis situat
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